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Pathways is our developer community that facilitates learning, exploration, and self-awareness to launch your career.

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Consider Pathways the personalized support to your long-term development as a holistic professional in the tech industy.

Enrolment is open, and there is no time limit to your participation in Pathways.

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Join a supportive community

Join our rapidly growing Discord dev community, where we foster an open and supportive network for people to develop in their own time. Our mentors help guide you to hit the ground running on any professional software development team.

Problem solve, together

You'll engage in specific skills and projects, with access to peer developers, curated free resources, 1:1 mentorship, and job search support. In turn, you'll build on technical foundations and grow as strong problem-solvers.

Diversify your skills

Pathways actualizes your talent to go beyond just technical skills. While job postings focus on functional skills, the best hires excel in all other areas that make them effective employees.

Professional Mentorship Program

Continue your development from foundations by collaborating on real open source products in a dev team

Comprehensive professional development

PMP is an 8-week program facilitating technical and behavioural training, experience on an agile software team, and one-on-one personal mentorship with industry experts.

Multiple cohorts run throughout the year. If you're interested, start in our OpenTree community and we'll work together with you from there!

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Holistic professionalism

A full half of the program is dedicated to discovering, describing, and developing competencies in the five areas that employers look for: behavioural, functional, operational, organizational, and strategic.

The whole lifecycle

The program runs in cohorts who work together as a software development team. Following agile methodologies, the team plans, builds, deploys, and maintains live software products.

Personal mentorship

Every mentee has weekly one-on-one meetings with your personal mentor to develop goals and strategies for achieving them unique to your situation.


Level up your career by reskilling and getting connected to new exciting opportunities

Transition into new technologies and jobs

Reskill is specifically designed for developers and data scientists with a minimum of 1-2+ years of experience in their related fields.

Enrolment is open, and the program is customized to your needs. There is no time limit to your participation in Reskill.

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Evolve with technology

Technology is always progressing and learning is continuous. For any professional, keeping up-to-date with relevant technologies is imperative. Many find themselves having to learn new skill sets to adapt even after 2-5 years of experience in the industry. Reskill helps you transition into new technologies and job opportunities.

Professional mentorship

While you receive personal guidance on transitioning your skill sets and career, Reskill candidates also have opportunities to mentor within the OpenTree community to give back to the community, solidify knowledge and build new relationships.

New opportunities

OpenTree Partners cover the landscape of technologies, from the new and upcoming to the sustaining legacies. Reskill facilitates employer introductions in a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

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